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A Look Back at the Elementary School Assemblies,
Summer Reading Shows, Afterschool shows
& Child Care shows

 Burns & Company for 30 years

A Look Back: Child Care Shows,  Summer Reading Shows, Church Programs, Company Parties, Character Ed Shows, Birthday Parties & More

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Ms Simon, Counselor at

Lesslie Elementary School in Rock Hill, SC


Don and Kathy Burns provided a variety of educational shows, elementary assemblies,character ed assemblies and pure fun entertainment shows including: the Birthday Party Magician for kids.

The elementary assemblies included:

1. Strategies to deal with bullies 

2. Teach great character traits such as: respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, perseverance, great attitude, compassion, empathy, confidence, courage and drug prevention.

Fun entertaining shows: 

Birthday Party Magician, Town Festivals, Company Parties and more.


Burns and Company also had a variety of summer reading shows and seasonal shows for libraries.

Reading is center stage in each show. The children are encouraged to read and use their imagination.  How important it is for today, show summer reading.


Don't forget, Don & Kathy Burns, also known as Burns & Company

offered kid's birthday parties, ventriloquism, and a birthday party magician.


If you looked for banquet and seasonal shows: 

Don and Kathy had performed shows for:

State Farm, Sara Lee, Progressive Insurance, Lions Club, Elk and Moose Lodges, VFW, American Legion, Salvation Army and many more.

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Don and Kathy Burns provided an unforgettable Elementary Assembly for your School or Organization or a fun comedy show with a  Birthday Party Magician.



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