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CHARACTER TRAITS                PURPOSE                                         HIGHLIGHTS

 ● Empathy                      ● Students learn to think before acting.         STORYTELLING

 ●  Kindness                    Students learn strategies to handle            VENTRILOQUISM

 Self Control                      hurtful teasing.                                          MAGIC TRICKS

 ●  Positive Self Image     ● Students learn the importance of caring    AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION

                                             For others.                                                UPBEAT MUSIC

                                        ●  Students learn anger management skills.  MIME


45 Minute Show ●   AGE APPROPRIATE For Pre-K through 5th Grade ●  COLORFUL PROPS


Ventriloquist character, Leroy Snodgrass, role plays with volunteers from the audience.  The students have colorful props that reinforce the educational concepts.  There’s more audience participation as Granny Parker teaches life skills.

   Storyteller and magician, Don Burns, captures the imagination of the students with his magical stories.  The students make the magic happen while learning powerful lessons.  His mime character, Scooter, learns to deal with kids who tease him, tattle on others and lack compassion.

To Book A Program Is Easy!

Just Call Don & Kathy Burns, BURNS & COMPANY


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