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Don & Kathy Burns also know as BURNS & COMPANY

Don and Kathy Burns of Burns and Company have combined the skills of ventriloquism, magic and storytelling to delight and amaze family and children audiences all over the southeast for the past 25 years.  Don also uses his skill as a birthday party magician for kid's birthday parties.

Before Kathy went on the road as a professional entertainer she was an elementary school teacher. Kathy, master ventriloquist, now has a host of ventriloquist characters.

Her main characters are Leroy Snodgrass from Tennessee and Granny Parker who is a favorite with the teachers. Kathy appreciates the challenges that teachers and guidance counselors face.


Don Burns was an art major in college. He uses his talents to build eye-popping props and sets for their many different shows. He captures the imagination of the audience with unique props. Don has also created original magic tricks. Don’s mime persona, Scooter, is a favorite with the kids. The children are engaged with the visual cues Scooter gives them. The combination of music, voice over’s and magic tricks keep the kids engaged from start to finish. The students internalize the educational concepts as they encourage Scooter to make the right choice. After the show, boys and girls will inquire, ”Where’s Scooter?”

​Don and Kathy Burns have dedicated themselves to educating children in elementary schools and childcare centers as well as  providing a magician for birthday parties. It is a joy for Don and Kathy to see children interact with the ventriloquist characters and with the birthday party magician. The characters can state an educational concept with humor and therefore the concept ‘sticks’ with the child.


The children relate to Leroy Snodgrass. Leroy is funny and lovable, however he is also mischievous. Even though Leroy appears to be very confident, he still faces challenges that the kids face. For example: Leroy deals with peer pressure, choices and feelings of inadequacy. Volunteers from the audience help Leroy as he faces different dilemmas. The children feel empowered when they help Leroy with his struggles.Angelique Washington is Leroy’s good friend. She loves life and at the same time deals with low self esteem. The kids relate to her whimsical routines and her sensitivities.  Leroy also entertains at kid's birthday parties and claims hi is the birthday party magician.

Granny Parker is the wise matriarchal figure. Teachers and parents alike laugh at granny’s feisty ways. Granny is also a hypochondriac. She has never seen a disease or pain that eludes her. Granny gives advice to the children in humorous ways.The show is full of audience participation.


The kids love to assist Don with magic tricks that teach life lessons. Volunteers from the audience are also engaged with the ventriloquist routines.


Don and Kathy Burns will provide your school, organization or kid's birthday party magician with an unforgettable show. Why not give Don and Kathy a call or email today.


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