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Birthday Party Magician
"The Children's Birthday

Party Specialists"

"Magic, Ventriloquism, Comedy and

Audience Participation.
Make Birthday Parties Unforgettable

and unique-Guaranteed!" 


One Year old Happy

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday
     Party Girls



Attention:  All Parents

                    Parents how would you like to give your child a birthday party full of excitement and wonder?


The issue:  Parents are extremely busy.


The answer:  Invite Burns and Company, the Birthday Party Magician, to ‘Wow’ your child  and his / her

                                                       friends for a memorable birthday party.

                                                       Don and Kathy Burns provide 45 minutes of nonstop fun.

                                                       Burns and Company will come to the location of your choice: 

                                                   Home, School, Childcare, Restaurant, Community Center,

                                                   Church Fellowship Hall or YMCA (You get the picture).


                                                Don and Kathy are flexible.  They want you to be able to

                                                focus on your child and not the entertainment.


                                                Features: The Birthday child is the star of the Show. 

                                                       The Show is all about the Birthday Child!

                                                       Your Child waves the magic wand and makes the magic happen! 

                                                       Also there is audience participation throughout the show.


Magic Tricks:  Don, the Birthday Party Magician, magically changes a silk into a cane. 

A 2 litre Coke disappears.  The kids look under the table.  Where did it go?  (And the kids

did the magic.) 

The boys and girls are amazed when a black & white house changes to the colors of the rainbow.

  A special puppet character lives in the magical house.


Storytelling:  Each magic trick has a captivating story that adds to the visual and fun appeal.


Ventriloquism:  Kids love puppets. Even older children are captivated by the art of ventriloquism. 

Kids often say, “How did that boy talk”?


Funny Characters:  Ventriloquist character Leroy Snodgrass is hilarious.  He always has a magic trick that adds to the excitement.  Granny Parker seems so real.  It’s like she stepped out of a story book.


Age Appropriate:  Kathy was an elementary school teacher before she became a professional entertainer.  The shows are always age appropriate for each audience.


Photo Opportunities: Get your cameras and recording devices ready.  There are many memorable moments that you will want to capture.


           100%  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dates fill up quickly, so book 

Burns and Company today!


To Book A Show is Easy.

        Call or Email Don & Kathy Burns: 


Happy Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Party!

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