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Don and Kathy Burns of Burns and Company have been entertaining and educating children for over 25 years. Kathy Burns is a former elementary school teacher. She understands the challenges that educators face today.The following shows are age appropriate for pre-K through 5th Grade.The combination of magic and ventriloquism captures the attention of the children. The  shows are written to reinforce the educational concepts that are taught at school. The children learn while having fun. The children enjoy being a part of an interactive audience!

Mr. Stokes, Guidance Counselor at

Gibson Elementary School in

Winston-Salem, NC

Don and Kathy of Burns and Company specialize in character education shows and strategies in dealing with bullies. Don and Kathy are currently touring with:Show # 1“Leroy’s Bully Proof Action Plan”Ventriloquist character Leroy Snodgrass meets ‘Buster The Bully.’ Buster is angry at the world.

He uses his anger to intimidate other kids. Leroy learns three important strategies in dealing with Buster. 

Volunteers from the audience help Leroy. The students enjoy seeing their friends on stage.  Don’s mime persona, Scooter, learns about reaching his goals. He deals with kids making fun of him on his road to success. The magic tricks flow with the story. The audience is engaged from start to finish. Magician and storyteller, Don, continues the show with more help from the audience.Ventriloquist character Granny  Parker and her friend Tyrone are always crowd pleasers.

The Goals and Objectives of the Show are:

● Students learn to think before acting.

● Students learn strategies to handle hurtful teasing.

● Students learn the importance of caring for others.

● Students learn anger management skills.

● Students learn Character Traits: Empathy, Kindness,

   Self Control, Positive Self Image.

This 45 minute show is self contained. A Teacher’s Guide is Included With Follow Up Activities


“Leroy’s Character Carnival”


"Leroy's Bully Proof Action Plan!"


"Leroy's Super Hero Reading Show!"


“We have just had a delightful afternoon. Kathy & Don have put on a wonderful show.

‘Leroy’s Bully Proof Action Plan!’ It was wonderful. They taught our students many

different tools to deal with bullies and incorporated them in their show. They just really

had a delightful time. They really looked out for Scooter, they kept yelling and directing

him. It was just a wonderful afternoon and I thank Burns & Company for coming and

spending their afternoon with us.”

—  Donna Jackson, PTO President, Sheffey Elementary School, Wytheville, VA.

Burns and Company is currently touring central North Carolina, Western & Southern Virginia and South Carolina.

To Book A Program Is Easy!

Call or email Don & Kathy Burns today! 336-712-8187

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