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Leroy Celebrates Individual Differences

Don and Kathy Burns of Burns and Company have

been entertaining children for over 25 years.  Kathy

was an elementary school before she began to travel

as a professional ventriloquist.

Don is a professional artist and he uses his craft to

build unique props and beautiful sets.

Don and Kathy have produced entertaining,

educational child care shows that ‘Wow’ their audiences. 

Each show is custom designed to meet the needs of the

appropriate age group.


Leroy Celebrates Individual Differences

Puppet Leroy Snodgrass loves people.  The kids enjoy

hisfunny antics.  Leroy has a colorful pet, Leona.  Leona

learnsto appreciate the uniqueness of other birds.  Kids

fromthe audience assist Leroy with his magic trick.

Puppet Granny Parker and Tyrone Johnson join in on the


Don uses magic tricks involving lots of audience



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