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 Ventriloquist character, Leroy Snodgrass, has fun with his Game Show Wheel.

Volunteers from the audience help Leroy in his quest to have self control. 





                                       Don weaves a story with his mime character, Scooter. With the use of illusions

                                       and big props, Scooter deals with kids that taunt him to give into negative

                                       peer pressure. Scooter also faces the consequences of a bad attitude.

                                      The audience enables Scooter to turn around and be responsible.


                                      The ventriloquist routines and magical stories teach the character traits of:

A+ Attitude, Self Control, Respect, Responsibility and Diligence. 


This show is 45 minutes of fun and educational life lessons. 


A Teacher’s Guide is Included With Follow Up Activities.


Call Don & Kathy Burns

336-712-8187 or email

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